Zephyr is the main characters of the comic Dragon Tales. He is the son of Helios and Amy.

Appearence Edit

Zephyr is a dark blue male dragon with dark brown hair and a Silver tail-blade. He wears a small Silver collar with a green gemstone on it, his eye's are normaalilyseo red and yellow, but with that collar on his eye's are light green. Zephyr alko has a six-pointed star on his forehead as a birthmark.

Personality Edit

Zephyr is really playful as a child, but as he grew older, he became more resbonsible. He loves to hang-out with his two best friend's Gwen and Gawain and he also likes to make new friends.

powers and ability's Edit

As a half Dragon-God, Zephyr is very powerful. Whenever Zephyr use's his power's, his star markkina on the forehead glows and sometimes his eye's glow too, when he' s using full power.

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